Pet Services

In addition to our dog walking service, we provide a range of other sevices to help you look after your pet.

Comfort Breaks / Feeding

If you have to leave your pet at home during the day, we can call in and let them out for a toilet break and feed them. These visits are typically 10-15 minutes and can be either once or twice a day. This can be a regular arrangement whilst you are at work or a temporary one should you be going away for a short period i.e. on holiday. This allows you to relax in the knowledge that your pet is being fed and watered and will not be having any little accidents. This service also provides the added benefit that someone is checking regularly on your propoerty whilst you are away.

Pet Taxi

Using our dedicated pet van, we can provide a dedicated pet taxi to transport your pet for you. This could be to the vets or groomers or just to visit friends. Our van is fitted out with cages of various sizes to ensure your pet is transported safely and securly.

Puppy Play Time

If your puppy is too young for walks, we can visit your home and have supervised play time with them whilst you are at work or out for the day. This ensures that your puppy gets the attention that young dogs craves and also can include feeding and toielt breaks.

  • Dog Walking

  • Puppy / Cat Play Time

  • Letting Out / Feeding

  • Pet Taxi


51 Captains Close, Goole

East Yorkshire, DN14 6AB.


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